Looking forward to celebrating the 43rd anniversary of the complete liberation of the South of the country, at the same time responding to the movement to practice sports, strengthen health, create conditions for meeting and exchanging between leaders of departments and enterprises, developing production and business activities, on April 14, 2018, Gia Thy Construction Joint Stock Company organized "THE TENNIS GIA THY OPENING TIME 7 - 2018" at Military Zone Stadium. 7, No. 202 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District.

This year's tournament has gathered 36 athletes representing 12 units, businesses and departments under districts, cities participating in the competition.


Although the competition took place under the intense heat of the summit of summer, but with the spirit of sports, exchanges and health training, the tournament took place extremely exciting. After many fierce competitions of excellent players, they finally found the champion team this season. That is Mr. Son couple - Mr. Hao (People's Committee of Phu Nhuan District). The second prize belongs to Anh Thanh - Anh Cuong (HiCeo Entrepreneurial Club), and the third prize belongs to 2 couples: Anh Tuan - Anh Phu and Anh An - Anh Home School Team Gia Thy Construction Joint Stock Company.

Awarded to teams

Contributing to facilitating the tournament this year is well organized and successful, in addition to the outstanding performance of the athletes, the enthusiastic cheering of the fans cannot be ignored regardless of funding. valuable from donors Gold, Silver & Bronze including 20 units: Le Phan Construction Company Limited; Tien Giang Construction Investment Joint Stock Company; Viet Thai Electric Cable Joint Stock Company; HiCeo Entrepreneur Club; Luong Tran Construction & Trading Co., Ltd; Son Hai Door Production Company Limited; Thai Chau Construction Materials Trading Company Limited; Trung Hieu Investment and Development Joint Stock Company; Mai Nguyen Construction Trading Service Company Limited; Thanh Binh Brick Joint Stock Company; Phan Gia Electric Company Limited; Nam Phong Construction & Interior Decoration Co., Ltd; Hung Thanh Construction Company Limited; Nhat Huy Electronics Company Limited; Gia Phan Construction Equipment Joint Stock Company; Thien Dang Construction Investment Joint Stock Company; Thang Long Fire Protection Equipment Company Limited; SANDO Trading & Service Co., Ltd; Trading Co., Ltd. & AC services Phu Nhuan; Dinh Van private enterprise.

Chairman of the Board of Directors & General Director Gia Thy Company donated flowers of gratitude to sponsors.

Some pictures of the prize: