On 18/01/2019, at the Conference Center 272 - Vo Thi Sau - District 3, Gia Thy Construction Joint Stock Company solemnly held the 2018 Year End Party and congratulated the new year 2019. Attending the Annual Eve Party Your presence is the leaders of departments in the city districts and business partners and all employees of the Company.


   The Year End Party is an opportunity for Gia Thy Construction Joint Stock Company to summarize and look back on the development path of the past year, opening the orientation and development strategy in the following years. This is also an opportunity for the Board of Management to acknowledge the efforts and dedication of all employees and appreciate the valuable cooperation of partners and customers.

Gia Thy Company Board of Directors appreciates customers and partners


  Going up with strong potential and trust of customers, with the knowledge and enthusiasm of the Board of Directors and employees, Gia Thy Company has built a dynamic and creative staff, full of responsibility. In 2018, Gia Thy has successfully completed the set objectives: the project handed over on time; expected revenue growth benefits; human resources are enhanced both in professional knowledge and management capacity; apply modern technologies to construction management; The life of the workers has been improved and many volunteer work has been done with the social community.

  Having such good results, in addition to the internal force of the Company, we can not fail to mention the companion and share of our partners, the trust and support of our customers. Speaking at the Yearly Party, Mr. Nguyen Huu Quang - General Director of Gia Thy Construction Joint Stock Company shared: “Entering 2019, with new opportunities, difficulties and challenges, but I believe, the Company Gia Thy with fervent trust and support from our client partners, with the Board of Directors with the capacity, experience and enthusiastic staff, a dynamic and professional management mechanism, an environment Friendly work is always present anytime, anywhere, will surely bring a successful and successful year. We wish all customers and employees of the company and family a spring full of vitality, lots of joy, success and victory ”.


General Director of the Company awarded a medal to honor typical partners