About Us

Gia Thy Construction Joint-stock Co. was officially established on July 28, 2003, operating in construction executing, designing and providing consultancy on and supervision of civil and industrial works. After nearly 10 years’ operations, so far GIA THY trade mark has become a familiar one, and been recognized by the market as a prestigious trade mark in construction, full of difference and rich in development potentialities.

Choosing construction as its main field of operation, the Company always well understands the necessity to establish and continually consolidate its position with prestige, professionalism, and quality of those products, and services bearing the trade mark of GIA THY.

At the same time, working towards stable and sustainable development, GIA THY incessantly strengthens its activities in other fields:

- Production of, and trade in building materials and equipment;
- Investing in, and doing real estate business …

The development in the said fields aims to establish a firm standing, minimize the market’s risky impacts, and get well-prepared with all necessary resources towards attaining its new objective: To become a multi-operation Company having construction as its key strength in the near future.

With clear orientation, and clear business objectives plus a youthful human resource of firm professionalism, rich in enthusiasm and dedication, GIA THY has full grounds to believe in a future of stronger and more sustainable development.

The corporate past accomplishments, present efforts, and aspiration for a bright future, all will become an impetus for GIA THY to self-confidently write more new pages in its development process.

With wholeheartedness and enthusiasm, GIATHY strives to best fulfill its role, and responsibilities in completing its mission: to bring about added value for customers, maximize profit for shareholders, make more contributions to the society, and harmonize its benefits with those of the community. This is the very mission GIA THY has set out in its development process.


  • Gia Thy Building 158 - 158A, Dao Duy Anh St., W. 9, Phu Nhuan Dist., HCM City.
  • Tel: +84 8 38458301 Fax: +84 8 38458305 .
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Website: www.giathyco.com