Corporation culture


- During its formative and operational process, each company builds its own trade mark values. Such values are its cultural characteristics, which make a difference and decisive factors in the corporate successes.

- Gia Thy Construction Joint-stock Co. builds and develops its trade mark combining:

  • Gain: added value in quality and effectiveness of services to customers; incessantly improve and enhance the capacity of performance, and the corporate level of service management.
  • Gratify: always satisfy and best meet the customers’ needs.
  • Grow: make synchronous and harmonious development, and combine the trade mark development with social obligations, and develop the work scale and trade mark value.
  • Guaranty: ensure to always fulfill its commitments in an active and responsible manner. Build the corporate trade mark, and image, and turn them into a most prestigious and reliable address


- Gia: means House in Vietnamese – a place where all the corporate members live, work, and together develop. It also means a place where all the members will make efforts, and dedicate to the corporate service provision for customers with their sense of responsibility and feelings as in case of working for their own families.


- My experience serves you: Our experiences are at our customers’ service. We provide our services for customers in a best manner.