With the desire to contribute to social security, bring a warm and loving Tet season to the less fortunate lives, on January 18, 19, 2020, Gia Thy Construction Joint Stock Company in cooperation with VPMN - Vietnam Association of Private Entrepreneurs, Vitory, Association of Entrepreneur's Club Tran, Golden Lotus Association, Entrepreneur Club of Le Saigon, and Manh Thuong Quan organize charity program “Xuan Loving ”at the locations: Stephan Charity House, Ky Quang II Pagoda, Thien Phuoc Shelter & poor people in Phu Duc commune, Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province.


Stephan Charity House (No. 359 / 51F Le Van Sy - Ward 12 - District 3) is the first point that the charitable delegation of Gia Thy Construction Joint Stock Company arrived. It is currently taking care of nearly 100 orphaned children, most of whom are dementia and disabled by cerebral palsy, dumb, blind, epilepsy, mental illness, etc. I just live a plant life, curled up on the floor. Even so, the faces of the children are still innocent, innocent, smiling and extremely hospitable when the charitable delegation visits. Soeur Thu and the teachers in charge here extended her arms to take care of the children with all kindness, with love and responsibility of the parents. Not only taking care of the food, accommodation, but also the teachers described all the way back to school.

Here, the delegation heard the children perform the forum, sing, play the harmonica and read New Year poems instead of thanks for the care of benefactors.


The second point visited by the charitable group is Ky Quang II Buddhist Charity Foundation located on Le Hoang Phai Street, Ward 17, Go Vap District, where more than 200 disabled and orphan children are raised. fall.
This home was founded in 1994 by the Venerable Thich Thien Chieu. His whole life devoted to Buddhism and boundless love for humans. Every day, the teacher teaches the children the right things in life, cares for, feeds each piece of food, sleep, and plays with the children like a father. According to the teacher, "These children are predestined to Buddhism."
Gia Thy volunteer group was taken by the teacher to the intensive care unit, which takes care of babies and children who are struggling daily to fight the disease to regain life. Witnessing this, each member of the delegation could not help but feel emotionally moved.



Leaving Ky Quang II Pagoda, the Entrepreneur - Gia Thy Charity delegation came to Thien Phuoc Shelter in An Nhon Tay Commune, Cu Chi District, where 80 children were born with intellectual disabilities and severe disabilities. take care of yourself. Many children just yearn to talk, laugh, and play like other children, but they are so far away and so fragile.

Welcoming the group on a golden afternoon on the occasion of Tet holiday, Soeur Hoa and the Soeur in charge here could not help but feel moved because there was very few volunteers coming here from the center. The yard in front of the broken debris center has not been repaired yet, so we need the help of the sponsors



On the second day, the "Xuan Yeu Thuong" Charity Group came to poor people in Phu Duc commune, Chau Chau district, Ben Tre province. Here, the delegation distributed 180 gifts to poor, near-poor households and lonely elderly people, helping them to have a warmer, more complete Tet holiday.

The end of the "Spring of Love" charity trip is a smile still on the lips, a warmth in the hearts of both givers and recipients. "Spring of Love" with the desire to help the less fortunate lives in life all over the country has become the traditional culture of Gia Thy Construction and Construction Joint Stock Company every Tet to spring. Although the gifts brought are only bags of rice, noodles, milk, confectionery and some necessary items, it also contributes to bring to the unfortunate fate of a warm and meaningful spring, to Spring really becomes a season of love, a season of shared concern.