Responsibilities to employees

The Company has prepared and promulgated documents relating to the officers’ and employees’ responsibilities to the Company; organized training courses, and orientation training; given its officers and employees guidance in seriously implementing the corporate mission and policies; and emphasized the enhancing of sense of discipline, active working attitude, patience, integrity, honesty, and sense of responsibility to the community.

- Health safety is given top priority. The Company always takes suitable measures to eliminate or minimize labor risks and accidents; provide necessary resources, systems, and procedures to control those factors capable of causing occupational accidents, and diseases; and keep lowest risks to health safety; and ensure in place a plan for urgent and effective rescue.

- Regular and periodic check, managerial work, and health safety protection continually enhance the working environment for officers and employees.


- The Company has a policy on satisfactory, just and transparent rewards and punishments, ensuring accordance with the State’s regulations, and competitiveness in the labor market. The mechanism of pay and rewards always ensures and encourages the enthusiasm, eagerness, activeness and creativity in work, as well as increasing the officers’ and employees’ dedication and faithfulness to the Company. The officers and employees are encouraged to take part in building a joyful, optimistic, pure and healthy working environment.


- Aiming to create a team of well-trained officers and employees, and good managers, the Company yearly appropriates an amount of expenditures at least 3% of payroll for training and supporting officers and employees in their attending different courses of professional operations, foreign languages, sight seeing, and coaching.


- Those with high talent and morality are the Company’s most precious resources. Realizing this, Gia Thy always provides them with preferential treatment, fair and worth their contributions to the Company, and at the same time creates favorable conditions and opportunities for them to enhance their capacities and strengths. Thanks to this rightful policy, Gia Thy always has a talented and moral team; together they can conquer heights of attainment.